• Under Siege

    Under Siege


    Bet the party was bumping

  • Madadayo



    Surprisingly appropriate one to watch on my birthday

  • The Blob

    The Blob


    Best part about this viewing was the guys making bizarre metaphors that made no sense for the Blob. 

    “The blob consuming this phone booth is a metaphor for Capitalism killing convenience” or some shut like dat

  • The Descendants

    The Descendants


    This is good but the acting is


  • Brother



    Look at this dude lol. The Body Melt guy has a nice voice

  • Killer Tongue

    Killer Tongue


    I’d expect this to have been picked up by Arrow Video by now

  • The Royal Tenenbaums

    The Royal Tenenbaums


    The Criterion transfer of this looked like shit so we ended up streaming it. Sad!

  • Peanut



    Stock sound effects and music you heard in 2013 YouTube videos: The Movie


  • Doctor Who: The Curse of Fatal Death

    Doctor Who: The Curse of Fatal Death


    Rowan Atkinson is the best doctor now, sorry

  • Afflicted



    There’s a clip in this movie that was used to terrorize innocent Omegle browsers back in the day when Omegle pranks were all the rage.

  • City of Pirates

    City of Pirates


    Disappointed that there was not a single hearty “Yo ho ho” but what can you do?

  • Lovers Rock

    Lovers Rock