Annette ★★★★

Annette is a mighty swing. Everything about it seems simple, except for the sheer audacity of what is being shown to you. The music by Sparks is a highlight, even if, in their typical manner, it does not initially feel catchy. Yet, their sense of anarchy is all over this film, and it's utterly infectious. Even if when it fails when aims to really capture emotion, that doesn't really matter when the rest of the film is so daring.

At the heart of it all is Adam Driver. This may or may not be the best Adam Driver performance, but it's certainly the most Adam Driver performance. It's titanic, a performance that fully goes for it, and frequently flexes in a way that makes your jaw drop at how fully he is committing to the role. Cotillard and Helberg are also charming, but make no mistake; this is Adam Driver's film through and through.

Carax also makes some gutsy decisions throughout that honestly have to be seen to be believed. Annette above all is an experience, and if you get on the wavelength of Driver, Carax and Sparks, you will get fully swept away with everything that is in store for you. As for me, I honestly don't think I ever fully got there, but I can really appreciate the elements here that do come together beautifully, and even those that don't, the power of the performance and the music transcend those weak spots for me. Annette is truly one-of-a-kind, and although it may leave me speechless and even a little confused, that's a feeling well worth embracing. Overwhelming in the best sense, Annette feels like a true achievement.

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