Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★

Solo: A Star Wars Story opens strongly, featuring a chase sequence on Corellia that promises an anarchic yet sincere entry in the Star Wars franchise. Unfortunately, immediately afterwards, the film has horrific fanservice and then time jumps three years into a boring heist plot with mediocre setpieces and for the most part, derivative new characters. Lando and Chewie are great though, and L3-37 is the one new character that stands out as a humorous but smart addition to the franchise. On two last positive notes, Powell's score is pretty great and Ehrenreich's performance is the best part of the film. The film's biggest weakness is its editing, which constantly undercuts the humor and the cool moments to move onto the overplotted story.

Besides that... I just didn't see much here to grab my eye. I know some people loved this and that's good for them but to me, this felt like an exercise in making a blockbuster without any of the stuff that actually makes the best modern blockbusters (including the two modern mainline Star Wars films) unique. Solo: A Star Wars Story is the Ant-Man or Justice League of the Star Wars franchise, a film so focused on getting it done that it forgets we have to care first. Blahhhh.

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