The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★

THE LIGHTHOUSE 🚨 (7.2/10) B-

Two men arrive at an eerie and haunting island to begin work as lighthouse keepers, but soon begin to descent into madness

I can see why this movie is loved by many, but I don't fall into the category of the target audience of this film, but that does not mean I can't appreciate a lot of things about it. Firstly, how was this not nominated for best Sound Mix/Editing ? The sound added so much to the experience and the already foreign and uncomfortable environment, I can appreciate the artistic direction and the cinematography. I've never been a huge horror fan, but this movie has invented a new genre. Everything from the sets and costume seemed to time accurate. I think the pacing could have been quicker at points, but it's technically astounding

The academy continue to snub A24, our leads in Dafoe and Pattinson done an incredible job, especially a two hander which makes the achievement even better

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