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  • Where Evil Dwells

    Where Evil Dwells

    WHERE EVIL DWELLS has no time for linear storytelling. The details of Ricky Kasso’s story are represented, but the focus is on creating a living, breathing nightmare on Super 8 film. Like Tom Hanson’s THE ZODIAC KILLER, this is an interpretation of a true crime that was made while the events were still fresh. But ZODIAC is pure exploitation. Director Hanson had no ambitions aside from wanting to “catch the killer” and also catch a big pile of dough. WHERE…

  • Blood Sisters

    Blood Sisters

    BLOOD SISTERS is in a long line of sorority slashers (THE INITIATION, THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW, BLACK CHRISTMAS, HELL NIGHT, etc.) and while it doesn’t add anything new to the sub-genre, it does have dialogue that is actually more in line with how young women actually talk to each other. This is because the script was written and directed by an actual woman, horror legend and classic New York City curmudgeon Roberta Findlay. Even after the passing of her…

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  • Carnage


    "CARNAGE is not a film that everyone needs to see. It’s padded with establishing shots of Milligan’s Staten Island home and conversations between inconsequential people. There are long sequences of Carol sitting in a chair and drinking wine. There’s a house warming party with a very long toast. The camera is stuck on a tripod and left for dead. But I can’t dismiss the film. The lack of vitality may be a problem, but Milligan’s cynicism is always present. And…

  • Ogroff


    "OGROFF is a slasher perversion from the foothills of France. It’s also a benchmark in the halls of accidental, no-fi surrealism caught on Super 8/home video/construction paper. Shot sometime in the early 1980s by director video shoppe owner/horror zine publisher Norbert Georges Moutier aka Norbert Moutier aka N.G. Mount, I’ve watched OGROFF four times in three years. Each successive viewing brings me closer to the plotless, gore-drenched, gutter-poetic truth. Yet, that truth constantly eludes me. This film shocks me. It…