• Luca



    Honestly lovable. But besides the great meaning of it, all the characters even side ones were UNIQUE! The grandma, Ercole, even Luca's uncle were so different and unique! I loved it.

  • Istanbul Junction

    Istanbul Junction


    به نام پلاسکو، به کام فیلم‌ساز

    شاید کم‌تر کسی فکر می‌کرد ساخته‌‌ی پرهیاهوی کیایی بتواند تا این‌حد آزاردهنده و بی‌احساس باشد. فیلم که تمام تبلیغاتش را مدیون احساسات مردمی‌ست که از زمین و زمان بلا برسرشان نازل می‌شود، خود به‌سان پتکی سهمگین بر توقعات تماشاگر ضربه وارد می‌کند و کوچک‌ترین اهمیتی به وی نمی‌دهد.در این اثر که پر از ایراد فنی‌ست، ایراد اصلی را دروغگویی به مخاطب می‌دانم. فیلم‌ساز هیچ بویی از انسانیت و شرافت نبرده است،
    لااقل در این اثر!

  • Nomadland



    I'll enjoy it more when im 60. See you in 40 years.

  • Nomadland



    Maybe I'll enjoy it when im 60. But not now.

  • Pulp Fiction

    Pulp Fiction


    I don't like it. Maybe that's because I don't get it. But i don't like it.

  • We Are All Together

    We Are All Together

    worst movie I have ever seen.

  • Russian


    unreal. but in a bad way.

  • Bee Movie

    Bee Movie

    I feel bad for the girl's boyfriend. He deserved better than being cheated on with a Bee.

  • Antichrist



    I watched this movie 2 weeks ago, but still haven't found the proper word to describe how much I hate it.

  • Sensitive Floor

    Sensitive Floor


    When the director doesn't know why he is making the movie :

  • It Happened at Midnight

    It Happened at Midnight


    A painfully long movie about an Iranian guy with Mommy issues.

  • 50 Kilos of Sour Cherry

    50 Kilos of Sour Cherry


    I cried after watching this, not because it touched me in any kind of way. But because i payed for this atrocious garbage.