All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front ★★★½

an immensely harrowing viewing. if this is already dark for me, i can't imagine how Come and See (which is referenced by some of the reviews on here) would feel. technically great, but i am fonder of how casual (as much as it can be) the conversation was when they weren't at the frontlines. they're not 'soldiers' --- they're people of different places (both of their homes and of their material conditions), united by muddy trench warfare. the scene of the two in the crater is amazingly frightening.

funny how all i can think about now is how different things are, a century later: people my age were sent to the frontlines to fight wars, while here i am, listening to clairo and weyes blood. funny also how war films, as a genre, give us a sudden reflection of humanity's decisions, and how you take it in for moments after watching.

questionable score though.

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