Us ★★★★

I’ve been thinking about this since I left the theater. 

I want to prefece this by saying I loved it. It probably met my expectations, but did not surpass it. It’s an entirely different film from Get Out, so don’t go in expecting the same. The crowd wasnt even the same. I was planning on seeing this again tomorrow night, because of the big crowd, but Ill settle for an earlier showing becuase I want to see it on the big screen mostly by myself. 

There are a lot of things in this film that are quite amazing. I will say though if you have an analytical mind, like I do, and you watched the trailer 50 million times, there will be few surprises. 

That said, this looks amazing on the big screen and is absolutely my favorite film of 2019 so far. 

Lupita is amazing in this and I see where the oscar talk is coming from, she kills it here. It frustrastes me that post oscar she’s barely had any great roles, give her Ocean’s 8 lead you cowards. 

It’s  not equal to Get Out for me (I think get out is a masterpiece),  but Peele wrote Get Out for seven friggin years, you will never match that. 

I still loved it, it wasn’t the theater crowd experiece I wanted, but it is worth the admission.

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