Pig ★★★½

A lot of correspondence has been floating around between Pig and John Wick which is valid because they both serves a similar role of portraying the fondness the leading characters possess for their pets. But the way both decides to execute that portrait disparates and the aftermath is that i now slightly prefer Pig over John WickLet me elaborate on my outlook towards this. 
John’s pet being a souvenir of his wife that only subverts my idea of the affection between him and the pet. His pet is mainly there to be an image of another entity. John Wick also displays lots of subtle plot twists with hysterical violence onscreen as a form of showing how far John is willing to go on a quest of vengeance for his pet. And as grief (which births vengeance) is a painful form of love.. fair enough. However, this much violence reaches a point where it starts to appear as a distraction from the main motive. It reshapes the narrative to an extent that takes you down a path of thinking that ‘maybe’ it’s not just about the pet anymore. What approves my point even more is when John adopts another pet to replace the first one. 
Pig on the other side modifies this ‘pet premise’ exceptionally. Robin Feld (Nicholas Cage) and his pig pet have a pure unbreakable bond based on nothing other than just meaning the world to each other. There’s even a scene when another character makes an assumption that he fucks his pig because how bound together they are. When his pig gets stolen you can’t quite easily predict how the journey of chasing it will go, not because the story is set up to become a twisted chain of events but simply because there’s no relevant acquaintances to consider being connected to that theft. Well, at least I’ve watched the movie but at first every aspect of the hunt surprised my expectations. The most non-violent and anti-vengeance hunt ever. At last when he becomes aware of what happened to the pig we are left out with a sorrowful experience but after a moment we receive an indication that he’s willing to make peace with the fact that life has to go on. It’s so fascinating how many realizations i came upon by the cause of Pig. Robin is a stoic and quiet character but his soulful performance speaks volumes. Last but not least let me address the soundtracking, completely uplifted my aural mood to match that one of the movie’s. It is so unexpectedly incredible i found myself at some bits listening on the highest volume possibly I’ve ever watched a movie to.

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