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  • My Life as a Zucchini

    My Life as a Zucchini


    Dimensional and layered characters, beautiful (and often poignantly unsettling) animation, heavy themes that aren’t shied away from. My 7-year-old cousin with a father who’s a recovering alcoholic begged us to watch it. I think that says a lot.

  • While You Were Sleeping

    While You Were Sleeping


    I watched it with the girlfriend so I'm probably inclined to give it a half-star more than it really deserves. Love makes you do crazy things, gents

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  • Bumblebee



    If you've seen The Iron Giant, The Water Horse, How to Train Your Dragon, ET: The Extraterrestrial, or any other variation on the "kid befriends beast" premise, you've seen this movie pretty much beat-for-beat. But yet, Bumblebee works. And bizarrely, the movie doesn't work *despite* its familiarity and cliches and simple plot-structure; it works *because* of it. The only word you can use to describe a film like this is "charming", because that's what it is. Hailee Steinfeld is charming,…

  • Spielberg



    When you go to film school, you will inevitably meet that freshman student who says “Spielberg is overrated and his movies are too mainstream and sentimental.”

    Please force that pretentious douche to watch this great documentary.