Good Time

Good Time ★★★★

Objectively speaking, this movie has some pretty incredible filmmaking all around. Totally deserves all the praise it's getting from cinephiles online, and Robert Pattinson was undoubtedly snubbed for that Best Actor nom. If somebody wanted to say it's "the best movie of 2017" or "a total masterpiece", I wouldn't be 100% on-board with either claim, but I certainly wouldn't argue against them. Coming to those conclusions makes total sense. I mean, c'mon, this has some flat-out incredible music all the way through, the cinematography and shot selection is very intentional and purposed, and some of the sequences in the first 2 acts are especially brilliant.

On a personal level, though, I don't know if it's really going to stick with me long-term. Can't put my finger on why. I wish I'd been more affected by the story - and I plan to rewatch at some point soon - but on the first viewing, the ending just left me shrugging more than anything else.

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