Life Is Beautiful ★★★★★

"No Spiders or Visigoths Allowed."

I was going to watch something spooky for Halloween, but I ended up watching something...not that. My girlfriend hadn't seen it, so that had to be remedied.

In my mind, this is among the greatest movies ever made; not because of hollow technical achievements or proficient filmmaking, though that's all well and good here. But because it's a movie that captures the fullness of life and all the contradictions held in tension. Life is comedic and tragic all at once. Life is full of cruelty and whimsy at the same time. Life is poetic and lyrical, and then suddenly it's not. Life is ironic that way. But whether in spite or because of it that fact...Life Is Beautiful.

I never know whether I'm going to laugh, cry, or clench my fists when I watch this movie. And that's why it's perfect.

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