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This review may contain spoilers.

A few spare observations on another theater viewing:

- "oh...phrenia..." is my favorite line and it doesn’t get enough laughs.

- Mr. Park's computer designers tell him his video-game will not run on a simple phone. It requires more computing power. Meaning, uh, only rich people will actually get to play it.

- The hard cut from Ki-Taek wrapping the wire around Geun-Sae to Mrs. Park twisting the noodles around her fork...🙌🏻

- The hard cut from Da-Hye pulling at her textbook page to Mrs. Park counting the bills (and removing a few) before she gives them to Ki-Woo...🙌🏻

- Part of me wonders if maybe Chung-Sook is the most bitter and hostile member of the family because she was an Olympian; she's experienced success, and still wound up in the gutter.

- On the fourth viewing, Moon-Gwang and her husband Geun-Sae become far more sympathetic characters. They represent a threat to our protagonists and we naturally see them as the villains, but they have far less blood on their hands than the Kims, at least until the end.

- I'm of the mind that the ending of the movie is perfect, but I understand the complaint that it feels like it drones on for too long; I think it mainly feels that way because the score becomes pretty repetitive during the final monologue

- The fact that both Geun-Sae and Ki-Taek opened Taiwanese Cake Shops that went out of business and left them in debt is a distinctly Korean touch; I had to do some research about it after the first viewing to understand any of the context there. But it's really significant.

- Cho Yeo-Jeong is the unsung star of this movie. Her comedic timing is off the charts.

- I only just realized that Ki-Taek would have smelled extra-extra-terrible on the day of the party because he was wading in sewage water all night and probably didn't even get a chance to shower.

- Yo, the fact that the set was designed so that the people in the kitchen can't see the people walking up the stairs adds so much to the tension. The geography is masterclass.

- Loveeeeeee the way the riding vacuum is used in the memorial home at the end to add a diegetic "swelling anger" sound effect to the scene in-context. Brilliant.

- The line about "a doctor who looked nothing like a doctor" and "a lawyer who looked nothing like a lawyer" begs the question: is *everyone* in this universe pretending to have expertise to maintain their position of power? Am I reading into this?

- The fact that Mrs. Park begs her husband to buy her drugs (and he suggests using the old panties to get hard) speaks to the underlying truth: this family is so utterly incapable of doing anything themselves that they will always require outside assistance - even to have intercourse.

- "Good girl, Jessica nice" is such a quality laugh.

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