Skyfall ★★★★★

Skyfall is one of the best action movies of the decade. In my mind, it's pretty close up there with Mad Max: Fury Road. I adore this film. Everything about it from a technical/filmmaking standpoint is absolutely top-notch. The cinematography is AMAZING - and the color-correction to go with it is fantastic as well. The score is suitable and awesome. The performances have more depth than they ever did in previous installments. And the plot itself unravels at a perfect pace.

Not to mention, the setpieces are some of the most diverse you'll ever find in a Bond film, each with their own distinguishing features and color pallate. If you look at the journey of the film, the setpieces really do a good job of showing us all kinds of different places before looping back to the final resting place for the 3rd act. Because of this variation, the action scenes in the film - which are very well-shot - all feel really unique and memorable, each with their own goal and mini-arc. Holy heck that Tokyo fight scene is amazing.

But really, what makes Skyfall the best Bond film in my mind is that is hinges on human relationships. We see Bond's bond - no pun intended - with M and their close-knit partnership is explored in a really tasteful and touching way. The performances on both sides are great, but Judi Dench really steals the show every time I watch it.

Overall, I really think Skyfall is the perfect blend of action, visuals, and good character writing to the point where I'm surprised it's not talked about more than it already is. Oh lord I love this movie.

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