Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★

An enigma. It remains the most flawed and yet also the most artfully experimental Star Wars movie ever made, filled with totally new cinematic language for the series but also cluttered with an ambitious attempt to analyze everything good and bad about the franchise in one film. It's a screenplay with the most lovingly complex metatextual grasp on the Star Wars brand ever written; many subplots embody major recurring ideas of the series in a microcosm, and the message speaks to the preconceived notions about the story that not just the characters in the world have, but also the watchers at home do too.

It's a beautiful film when viewed thematically, but an often clunky one when viewed literally - a movie that sometimes works perfectly on paper but falls apart onscreen, and other times works onscreen but falls apart on paper. As such, it's a rare case where the haters and the hardcore fans are both right: it's truly the most subjective Star Wars movie ever made. There's very little here that can be objectively labeled "good" or "bad" - all that matters is whether it works for you.

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