The Meg

The Meg ★★½

Writer 1: "this is our edgy computer whiz character. She has tattoos all over her arms and an emo hairdo, and she don't take no for an answer. What should her name be?"

Writer 2: "How about Jaxx?"

I wish it had been just a little bit worse; the movie comes *this* close to being "so bad it's good" but ends up somewhere in the shrug zone. Still though, my dad and I had some pretty good laughs. All the pandering to China was sooooo unintentionally funny, the hammy dialogue and assorted stereotypes were really golden at points, and there were all these beats where you expected something eventful to happen and then after a pause the characters did something super mundane instead. The best part is, those bits weren't even intentionally defying expectations, they were just laughably edited.

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