Hillbilly Elegy

Hillbilly Elegy ★★

Okay, the corona might be going to my head, but that seemed more shoddily tone deaf than straight up bad.

Close and Adams are just pure camp, and while I loved those over the top performances, it's the most extreme versions of these people, people I've actually met and had to deal with in life, only ones that you see in the movies...

But this will be loved by most of the general audience on Netflix. It has too strong of an emotional center, based around family and building yourself up from nothing that can't not connect with many, even if it leans more toward the left "Wait, you are people, and act like this!?" then the right "If y'all have a rough life, just work hard and you'll get far!".

Like the soap opera version of itself, which is what I heard the book is like. Needed a lot more introspection to raise it above this basic film, causing most of the flashbacks to feel narrativly hollow and most of the modern day stuff to come off as dull.

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