Thunder Road

Thunder Road ★★★★

Jim Cummings is one of the more exciting independent filmmakers working out of the US, with his unique ability to take a premise that sounds like most independent features out there, and writes it into something special, taking a story as simple as a divorce and family death, and someone taking it terribly to it's personal extreme, with every little moment in his life failing all at once, becoming overwhelming to the point of breaking down.

Jim Cummings does know how to write interpersonal drama in a way that is so funny in its awkwardness, but also so real and dare I say, relatable in its manicness, though unlike his Police leads, we can regulate and keep it in, while some have to just let it out.

Wish it was 10 minutes longer for the divorce story to hit harder, and the ending makes sense while coming out of left field, due to little being built up for that, but I seriously want this man to write everything.


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