• Cocaine Bear

    Cocaine Bear


    So middling in its attempt at B Horror fun it's actually infuriating.

    A dull, one-joke movie that goes on 80 minutes too long, with a couple of glimmering moments where the premise fully pays off (the whole movie should have been that ambulance chase)

    As someone who will defend Banks' Charlies Angels (another one joke movie but the joke is so broad and its sincerity is so heartfelt it can be held up for the runtime and not a second…

  • The Kingdom: Exodus

    The Kingdom: Exodus


    If this truly is Lars Von Trier’s swan song, going out with both your funniest and most heartfelt season of your series you always wanted to finish touches me so.

    More cohesive in it's weirdness then season 2, but still sometimes way too scattered to feel completely satisfied, though I was never bored.

  • The Kingdom II

    The Kingdom II


    While being far more wild then that first season (and closer to the Von Trier we know and love (?)), the subplots and additions seems far more aimless besides showcasing more evil, but also seems to have a bigger heart and understanding of the moral complexities of some of these issues.

    A in between moment for Von Trier, mixing the old Danish nihilism with what made him more infamous (but at the time famous since this was right after breaking…

  • Laps



    Such a perfect way to capture something so horrifying, by just showing how mundane and accepting it can be while frantically showing how traumatizing and dehumanizing it is.

    Officially a certified Wellhead!

  • Magic Mike XXL

    Magic Mike XXL


    The Paddington 2 of R rated franchise movies from the 2010s (so specific and stupid to write out but it's true), where I wasn't really a big fan of the original, but when the sequel is this overwhelmingly positive and enjoyable, only existing to spread the most joy as possible while spreading parables about being nice to others and putting in hard work to achieve your dreams, I can't fault it at all!

    Stripper convention! Donald Glover strip rapping! The Gas Station (that I've amazingly never seen before)! Jada Pinkett Smith!!!! ResERECTION!? COME ON!?

  • Aftersun



    Unlike the first time I saw this (getting so high from scarfing an edible before I walked into the theatre that I had an out of body experience and didn't believe this film existed) I think this time (watching half of this then realizing I had therapy in 3 minutes and spending the entire time crying sharing my deepest traumas then finishing the second half after and crying the whole second half) is a much better but still chaotic way to watch this

    Paul you deserved that Oscar holy shit I get what people were talking about!

  • The Kingdom

    The Kingdom


    Don’t show the Qanon people this cuz This would just be confirmation bias

  • Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Everything Everywhere All at Once


    So this time it really really clicked for me..

    The disconnect between the mother and daughter
    The stresses and joy that comes from life, switching between optimism and nihilism, ultimately landing dead center.

    The only thing we can control in our lives is the ability to effect others, positively or negatively, that's it. Let's make sure we can put that positivity that Waymond does out in the world and keep moving forward, no matter what's thrown at us

    (Yes it's…

  • Shortbus



    Queer emotional therapy for the loneliest generations of the past, present, and future.

    Changed how I look at connections around me and revaluating my own with the people I love most.

    I can’t wait to tell my therapist about this movie lol

  • Close



    The way the film talks about it’s topics and themes isn’t at all interesting on the page or screen, but is all captured by the lead kid (who is great), and he brings it all to a film that is so literally nothing that I almost fell asleep in the theater. 

    A surprising bore that offers very little and when it does, it’s too little far too late.

    Shockingly bad outside of that lead performance.

  • After-School Special

    After-School Special

    My roommate kept showing me things I was convinced didn’t exist and when I found out after this was meant to be taken seriously and not apart of some anthology or sketch comedy show… 💀💀

  • The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie

    The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie


    The more I sit and think about this, the funnier it gets! Endless barrages for meal plans, always allowing for a drink, but never able to ever eat, being dragged in one way or another towards something important or not, or just on a hunch.

    Hearing stories from people’s lives they’ll never live, just purely out of pity, able to go back to their safety bubble once the story is over, hiding when there’s even a sense of a questioning tone.

    They have the luxury to reschedule, most people don’t.