Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★★

YEESS! I actually really enjoyed it this time! Logic with the drones is still wonky but they look cool and I didn't care as much. Mostly liked the comedy, romance and the whole vibe of the film, which I didn't like before almost at all

How is it possible that after my first viewing I gave it a 4, I couldn't believe that I hate it, so I rewatched it, gave it a 6
And now watching it at home I really enjoyed myself and gave it an 8/10. Where's the logic in that, I never like movies more at home. It's happened with 3 movies this year for me, so I dunno.
I guess i just opened up and let myself enjoy it, wasn't picking it apart and looking for faults even tho I thought that I would do that even more this time.

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