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  • Spiral



    I don’t think I enjoyed this. I liked the pacing, it was well acted, but the story line annoyed me a bit. It’s one of those movies that could have gone completely different had our lead characters had a five minute conversation. Instead they hid everything and refused to talk until it was too late. Yes, I get that stuff was going on and our lead was being driven crazy, but still.... No communication and no understanding between our leads.…

  • Bugsy Malone

    Bugsy Malone


    That was an odd experience. I definitely enjoyed it, the music was good.... but who was the audience for this? Is it a kids movie? In 76 did kids really want a paint by numbers mob movie musical? I don’t know. I was one at the time so I couldn’t tell you. Except for the musical numbers it takes itself far too seriously I think to be a legit kids movie. Some of the kids are better that others. Fat…

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  • The Blob

    The Blob


    I was 13 when this came out,  and as much as I already loved the original I loved the spin this put on the story. They actually made moving jello scary! Fun movie and a great product of its time.

  • House on Haunted Hill

    House on Haunted Hill


    William Castle was a pioneer in horror cinema, and in my opinion this was the best movie he put out. Almost sixty years later the film still holds up. The atmosphere builds an almost palatable dread as we watch Price and Ohmart banter back and forth with each other. Price is at the top of his game and plays the part of the affected billionaire oh so well. Carol Ohmart (Spider Baby) plays his counter part and holds her own…