Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ½

What a complete fucking joke of a film that brazenly cashes all of its chips into the current Hollywood self-flogging trend of morally bankrupt white feminist corporate schlock passed off as subversive gender commentary.

The Alison Brie scene alone (and the Connie Britton one immediately following,) with weaponizing the threat of sexual violence into psychological torture against other women, should've been enough to bury this film in a desert and never return to it. Emerald Fennell is a filmmaker pretending to be angry and clever but instead is deeply misguided at best. There's not a hint of satire to be found either, not least because the lighting & shot composition are completely flat and warrant zero introspection that a film supposedly marketed as a "gender-swapped Taxi Driver" would desperately need (side note: why is "characters show no remorse towards violence" the only lesson film school hacks like Fennell take from the likes of Scorsese?) Gentrifying an entire subgenre by stripping away any sort of visual identity while leveraging a script that wouldn't pass in an undergrad screenwriting workshop.

Fennell straight-up misunderstands the psychology of trauma and refuses to engage in even a lick of redemption-- not in her characters, her worldbuilding, or her plot. Nothing is leveraged throughout the film except a vitriol that is just blatantly undeserved, especially in the Brie & Briton scenes which is where the entire moral foundation of the film crumbles before its glamorous, Oscar-riddled sheen.

P.S. How the fuck do you spend the entire runtime exposing the failures of judicial institutions and end it Like That.

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