Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★½

Scream 2 is one of those sequels who is entertaining as its predecessor but the ending totally lashed it off. I think that the ending fight act is lame, isn't compelling and totally forgettable. It's not like the first movie with the killer twist— at this film, the characters of the killers were look as forced just to have a killer on this film.

I wanna see Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox again in another horror franchise but freakin' David Arquette showing up random at the ending like he has more lives than a cat.

The story are quite good. It still has the vibes of the first film and it's so great to see the continuation flow of the first movie. It really sets off to be a sequel. The newcomer characters on Scream 2 is good but not quite good as the cast of the first Scream, and that is something.

I'll gonna watch later the third film— I'm just gonna get some sleep and I hope to finish the franchise before tomorrow.

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