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This review may contain spoilers.

cackling at the “themes” section of letterboxd, i hadn’t realised that was a thing? anyway fight club sure does have “intense violence and sexual transgression”

i’ve been thinking about rewatching this movie for weeks now so i figured it was about time. this is a comedy to me by the way — or at the very least, an extremely fun time.

i do believe its particular type of disconcerting is so, so cleverly done and crucial to the enjoyment of it all. it is over the top and ridiculous — mr narrator speaking directly the camera, the liposuction fat, “you’re too FUCKING BLONDE”, etc, etc, etc — but it’s never too far that it doesn’t have that psychological element to it even as it isn’t A Serious Movie.

(obligatory, brad pitt’s outfits, i want them — there’s a bit in the commentary where fincher talks about how he wanted tyler to have just a terrible sense of fashion and how he laughed when he saw all these guys dressed up like him. but okay. okay. have you considered this: i am gay)

anyway yeah, i just think it has a fun balance to it really, there’s not much more i can say! oh yeah, the riff + the explosion at the end will forever be my favourite thing. if you know me you know i love a good riff and also i think everyone loves the ending of this movie, but it bears repeating <3

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