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  • Bats



    There's this weird tic in made for TV movies, usually of Sci Fi Channel caliber, where people use firearms when it has been abundantly made clear that they are useless. They paid for the prop and squib rigs, so by god they're going to use them. It adds nothing to the film, but we'll make sure there's a few extra bangs going on. This...has that. And it's made worse by a semi decent opening that they can't reach with the rest of the film.

  • Bite the Bullet

    Bite the Bullet


    What could have been a great Western take on They Shoot Horses Don't They, with the brutal physical toll making people question if two grand is enough plays it too safe, and decides to have a tacked on action sequence of little consequence. Still, some good moments, such as Ben Johnson's illiterate cowpoke has a great monologue, and we could probably hang around with Hackman and Coburn for a series of early 20th century adventures.

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  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    Due to my schedule, I usually catch a film and then race by bike to work. Getting off the bike, my hands were still trembling. It wasn't a particularly harrowing route. It was Fury Road.

  • American Assassin

    American Assassin


    "You don't understand. We trained this guy. He's seen every season of 24, even the tv movies. He's mastered every Splinter Cell game. He can recite Tom Clancy passages from memory. He cannot be photographed unless he is holding a gun. And we gave him that gun."