Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems ★½

This, along with Drive has to be the most competent typical film student type thing that I hate. Annoying and completely empty but (slightly) cinematic shots, overbearing and forced (yet completely unmemorable) soundtrack, and a lot of redundant plot points or clichés. Aside from the occasional good writing, Adam Sandler and a couple other the side characters there was nothing I found memorable or even good.

I absolutely hate these type of films like After Hours, Superbad or Locke, where essentially the main premise is that the main character, however unlikeable the protagonist may be you're supposed to care or be invested in their series of inconveniences. Pointless, unfun and repetitive.

The reason I like Good Time so much is, aside from Robert Pattinson's performance, the film has such a strong and uniquely disturbing tone that never lets go. No matter how ridiculous the scenario is it always works and makes sense. Even if there was music that I didn't like, it always complemented whatever was happening on screen. This was just pointless.

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