The Master ★★★★½

Powerful. This movie hitted my heart and soul so hard that I literally had a breakdown like 30 minutes after it freaking out about something that is literally the best thing that happened to me in months, maybe years. This is a masterpiece, it just hits you.

Yes I am weird. I shouldn’t have freaked out. But also Joaquin Phoenix is so powerful. The expression on his face? What was that?

The entire cast left me speechless, that scrip is incredibly thorough. How much strength it takes from us to overcome an abandonment and move on, even with your soul damaged? That is a broken life. It broke that poor man harder than I thought someone could be broken. That was a sad story, scripted out meticulously.

Philip Seymour Hoffman invented acting, I'm in shock.
That is what they call the dream team, baby.

No one touches Paul Thomas Anderson.
And no one touches THE AIR around Paul Thomas Anderson.

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