Mission: Impossible - Fallout ★★★★★

Incredibly enough, it’s STILL the best action movie of the decade. Absolutely can not fucking WAIT for back to back M:I movies. McQuarrie and Cruise are the most iconic action duo ever. 

Also worth noting is that this was genuinely snubbed at every awards show (yes, even TCA). A case for Best Director for McQuarrie could’ve easily been made, a case for Best Cinematography could’ve been made, and yes, my bias for Tom Cruise would also lead me to say a Best Actor case could be made. Don’t even get me started on how it should’ve been BP nommed as well. 

It’s a genuinely perfect action film that in my mind is levels above Fury Road, a film that I do love. 

🎵Where is Mission: Impossible🎵
🎵It needs a BP nom now🎵

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