Soul ★★★★★

I’ve had nearly 3 hours to rest on how I feel about this movie and even still I don’t think I can do all of my thoughts on this justice. Definitely due for a second watch at some point, but wow, this is by far the best Pixar movie in recent memory and might just be my new favorite from Pixar. 

The animation is absolutely stunning and gorgeous here and it’s a goddamn shame this didn’t get delayed for a full on theatrical release. I’m glad I got to watch it in the comfort of my own home, but this would’ve for sure been worth the delay to see in theaters at some point in time. I just worry that with not delaying it, it might not ever get the full justice it truly deserves. 

Important, stunning, funny (especially that Knicks joke) and already timeless. You best believe I cried during this, I couldn’t even ask my mom if she liked it when the credits hit because of how choked up I was. Please please please, however you can, try to watch this.

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