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  • Keep an Eye Out

    Keep an Eye Out


    This must be the snappiest script Dupieux has ever written.

  • Late Spring

    Late Spring


    This film is not only a deep dive head first into another culture but into another time, and that's what so fascinating about it. How almost a century before today emotionally not many things have essentially changed that much. I'd rather not talk about the technicalities of this film because I find the cinematography, the script, the music, the pacing, all of that, absolutely perfect.

    Loneliness is something so unavoidable whether we put all our efforts into changing that or…

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  • Love Exposure

    Love Exposure


    I firmly believe this is the greatest film of all time. The 4 hours pass by so quickly the only thing I feel like doing after watching this piece is watching it again. Anything I say on here probably would never do this film justice about how good it is so you should just go watch it but I'm going to rant about how much I love this film anyway.
    The premise is so funny and witty and creative it…

  • The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built

    Lars von Trier should stop directing films where his hatred toward women is the main force and inspiration behind his scripts and start going to therapy. The aestheticization of brutal violence against women in this film, paired with the completely unoriginal and uncalled pseudointellectual gibberish the main character's dialogue spouts throughout the film, along with its half-assed references to Bergman's The Seventh Seal, is probably one of the worst attempts of an "artsy" director trying the classic serial killer slasher…