John Wick: Chapter 2

John Wick: Chapter 2 ★★★★½

Luckily I work in a theater and get to see this one early because it was well worth the wait. Is it as good as the original. No. Is it as compelling as the original. No. However, it amps up the violence and action sequences while not being too over the top and boring. Boring action films just have non-stop action without consequences. Movies like equalizer are good but Washington's character never got a scratch. This film he's getting shot, he's getting punches, and he's not this robot. He's damn good at shooting a weapon, but he's still human. You still feel like this man could and is out there. Equalizer seems like you're playing a video game.

Now the story line is a little worse this time around with the reasoning for John getting out of retirement a little worse. The first one was because of a love that was killed. This time he's forced back into it and doesn't just want to come out of retirement. Also, the action might be somewhat realistic but it's not as realistic as the first film. The first film felt more grounded and not so flashy as the sequel. The sequel relies on too much of his bad ass skill to push the laws of physics. Though those parts are sometimes played off as laughs and weren't being to campy (if that makes any sense).

Overall, John Wick: Chapter Two is another great entry into the series and should be a middle ground for a great trilogy. The films might have the most film worthy story line, but for damn sake. They're not meant to be.