mo-c from tha duce tres

mo-c from tha duce tres


****favorites = last four films that I clicked the ♥ for****

Favorite films

  • Incendies
  • Santa Sangre
  • Surviving the Game
  • The Straight Story

Recent activity

  • Secret of the Blue Room

  • As Good as Dead

  • Night Visions

  • The Slumber Party Massacre

Recent reviews

  • Union Furnace

    Union Furnace

    This low-budget indie thriller from my hometown of Columbus, Ohio bears more than a passing resemblance to 13 Tzameti, a far superior film. I watched this because my friend was an extra, but I have no idea which one since they're all wearing masks the whole time!

  • Toolbox Murders

    Toolbox Murders

    Hoop-tober 2017
    Film #10: The Toolbox Murders (2004)
    Category: Tobe Hooper

    I've never seen the original, so I can't compare the two, but this one was... not good. Low budget, poor acting, script full of plot holes - there's a lot wrong here. Even the sound is shit - the dialogue is too quiet and the music is too loud! The lead actress does a decent job (which is pretty critical since she's onscreen for about 90% of the film),…

Popular reviews

  • The Nightmare

    The Nightmare


    This is the most frightening documentary that I have ever seen. While it is far from perfect, and many other reviewers correctly point out the cheesy moments that it has, the bottom line is that I was afraid to go to sleep after seeing this. I literally slept with the light and tv still on, and stayed up until probably 3am, convinced that when I fell asleep that the shadow men would come to visit me. I was somewhat disappointed…

  • The Thing

    The Thing


    Hoop-tober 2017
    Film #1: The Thing
    Category: Directors - John Carpenter
    *Most Overlooked*

    I figured that I would get my first Hoop-tober started off right with not only a John Carpenter film, but my most overlooked horror movie of all time. I have had this on DVD for some time, and clearly I was just waiting for the right time to finally sit down and experience a classic. I was not disappointed. This movie has it all - great actors…