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  • They Do Not Exist
  • Chronicle of a Disappearance
  • Ghost Hunting
  • The Visit
  • Introduction to the End of an Argument


35 films

An ever-expanding list of my favorite Palestinian and Palestine-adjacent films, culled from this much more exhaustive list.

  • Ghost Hunting
  • Screwdriver
  • Beyond the Walls
  • 3000 Nights
  • Omar


8 films

Films about the Palestinian (and in one case, Japanese) experience of incarceration in Israeli colonial prisons and detention centers.

  • The Forbidden Castle
  • Brutal Tales of Chivalry
  • Contemporary Tales of Chivalry: The Lone Wolf
  • Contemporary Tales of Chivalry 4
  • Black Lizard

queerness + violence + the body in Japanese cinema

46 films

From yakuza to pinku, films that deal with (either directly or tangentially) some aspect of queerness, masculinity, violence and the…

  • 3000 Nights
  • 33 Days
  • Ajami
  • Ambulance/Gaza
  • Amreeka

Dreams of a Nation: Palestinian Cinema

150 films

A hopefully-comprehensive and ever-growing list of movies about Palestine (in the broadest possible sense).

Collected from a variety of sources,…

  • Death Proof
  • House
  • Die Hard
  • Yojimbo
  • Akira

Show & Tell

12 films

A list of my favorite movies to show people or watch with a group.