Annette ★★★★½

Yes, please! This was exactly what I wanted and didn't even know it. Adam Driver's comedian persona is next level. It's feels so genuine and real it's fucking insane. Like, I know that comedian even though he doesn't exist. Funny People is the only other movie I've seen translate stand-up to movie so well. AND THEYRE ACTUALLY COMEDIANS. Driver is a former marine, dramatic actor with a sense of humor. He fucking kills it. The score and screenplay, as a Sparks fan, absolutely rip. Simon Helberg is a surprising delight and truly fits into the Carax atmosphere. The only half star deduction is because I wish the character Ann had a little more girth. I honestly would have sat for another 20-40mins to flesh her character out, but nonetheless Cotillard is vunerable, charismatic, angelic, and haunting when she is on screen. Let the haters hate.
Annette rips so fuckin hard

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