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  • The Tragedy of Macbeth

    The Tragedy of Macbeth


    hell yeah macbaby!!!!!

    I really loved everything about this and it's one of the only two 2021 movies that are a 10 for me (Titane being the other).
    The production design was insane, the minimalistic aesthetic was the perfect fit along with the incredible visuals. The single shots that go with the score were so satisfying.
    Every actor delivered their shakespearean lines so well and made the story that much more interesting. Trying to point what's so great about The…

  • Less Than Zero

    Less Than Zero


    "'Cause I cant get it out my head
    No, I cant shake this feeling that crawls in my head"🎶

    The weeknd aside, Less Than Zero is a pretty bland movie. Not necessarily bad but so much could have been improved starting with the pacing and character development. The only remarkable aspect was RDJ's acting. The movie is still kind of enjoyable in the moment but also really forgettable and uninteresting by the end.