Lucky Grandma ★★★★

Who says there aren't good roles for women over 85? Seriously though, if there are Oscars handed out in 2021, look for a nomination here. Tsai Chin carries this movie, and Meryl Streep should be so lucky to get a role like this someday.
I loved grandma. She wasn't especially noble, and occasionally was even unsympathetic. Bullets fly because of her selfish act. But assuming that her claim is true, that she worked by her husband's side for forty years and got nothing from it, it's not hard to empathize. I love how she knows all the players in the Chinatown underworld, and how everyone calls her Grandma Wong. She's not a person of any stature that we're shown, other than by age, but presumably she's been around the neighborhood long enough to reach some status. Her antagonists are divided into those who show appropriate respect, even when threatening her, and those who don't.
I wonder if she had the same thought as me, during the final scene. The thought that she has underestimated all along just what her husband left her, much more important than a pension or annuity.

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