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  • Halloween



    Happy Halloween! A new episode is LIVE and for this momentous occasion I've got two gnarly dudes on, Christian Michelsen & Goblin O'Riley from Quality Violent Cinema!

    QVC is an extreme horror podcast that's been around for a few years now and has been covering some of the wildest stuff to come out of underground horror. On top of that, Christian and Goblin are filmmakers and have recently contributed segments to The Flesh & Blood Collection. So naturally I had to have…

  • The Laughing Woman

    The Laughing Woman


    New Episode of Split Your Head is up and it's a super special one! This time I got to interview Jared Auner from Mondo Macabro (as well as his new imprint, Neon Eagle Video).

    Mondo Macabro is my favourite boutique blu-ray label, so I'm incredibly stoked to put out this special episode to hype up their BIG Halloween sale coming up. There's a flash bundle dropping on the 20th and we talked about some of the movies featured, as well…

Recent reviews

  • Silent Night

    Silent Night


    Revenge. The most recycled plot of all time. The gift that never stops giving. A story that contractually allows for the audience to give the thumbs up on pure sadism to gush out from the protagonist. Just don't fuck it up... John Woo... don't... fuck... it... up...

    Sigh. He fucked it up.

    Okay. So to his credit, he tried something extremely gimmicky and better suited for a short film but impressive if he could pull it off: a film with…

  • Spree



    Spree is one of those horror movies that kind of forgets that it's a horror movie, and that's actually not a bad thing in this case. Instead of a strict body count film with Joe Keery as our central star and mass killer, we get something far more concerned with the "in-between" of it all. The interactions, the mis-steps, and the wild night full of dramatic twists.

    So in a way, as Joe Keery's annoying social-media-obsessed Kurt takes us through…

Popular reviews

  • Evil Dead Trap

    Evil Dead Trap


    Late 80's Japanese ultra-banger supernatural-slasher industrial-nightmare. Get your hyphens ready, cutie-pie! This one mixes all the right ingredients together for that ultimate brain rot.
    Nami, a late night TV host, receives a mysterious VHS tape containing the real deal: a snuff film of a woman's eye getting brutally punctured in an abandoned warehouse. Intrigue levels skyrocket, leading Nami to bring a small production crew out to investigate this decrepit setting where she's certain the filming took place.
    Sure enough, she's right,…

  • Inferno



    So here it is. This is the live score I wrote for Inferno. Performed live in a movie theatre in Toronto last October but now with plague-life reducing us to strictly home viewing, I've assembled a revised/improved version so you can stream it at your own convenience.

    First Off: Play As Loud As Humanly Possible - OR - HEADPHONES!
    Actually, headphones would be my go to choice, anything to ensure the bass is overwhelming and all details can be…