Big Trouble in Little China

Big Trouble in Little China ★★★★½

The Year was 1986 when a young Johnathan Carpenter released his masterpiece Big Trouble in Little China onto the world and forever changed the landscape of action cinema as we know it.
In one stroke of genius, Johnny C also invented 60% of the characters that would appear in all early 90's video games.
Yes, tank top long hair white guy, mystic lightning dude, and giant goblin beast are all there with all of their friends.
You can thank the Carp-meister for that one.

This movie actually holds a pretty important place in my heart.
Weirdly enough, this was our "family film" growing up.
My whole family would gather around the glowing television screen and bask in its magnificent triumph.
Even my grandma would quote Jack Burton and say, "Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?"

And so laid the path that I am on now where a truly absurd and campy action film made from one of the most important horror directors of all time became my gold standard of genre cinema for all of time.

And yes it does hold up viewing after viewing.
The beauty of this thing is that for an action/comedy/fantasy/sci-fi/horror/wtf movie, it is so exquisitely GNARLY.
From the henchmen, to David Lo Pan, to the FUCKING 3 FUCKING STORMS - they are all so incredibly bad ass.
Not to mention how many moments of wacky practical FX smear the screen while that trademark Carpenter synth score alternates between two modes: melting dread and rockin' insanity.

Look, this is not a perfect movie but this is an awesome movie. And it is better to be awesome than perfect.
Top 5 Carpenter gem.

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