Dumb and Dumber ★★★★½

So after what has felt like the worst summer ever, I got a little icing on the cake via my landlord announcing our bathroom is leaking into the apartment below. We now have to bunk at my mom's in the burbs for a week because we won't have a working shower and there will be a bunch of guys gutting the place.
Great news just dropping in like a fresh out of the microwave turd flavoured pizza pocket!

So what did I do last night after finding this out? Downed a few and threw on quite possibly the best comedy of the whole 19-fucking-90's. This, along with Clueless, are now yearly watches for me where every joke lands like an atom bomb and I somehow notice even more things I love about it.

A perfect combination of Jim Carrey's precision comic chops and Jeff Daniel's subdued-yet-unhinged demeanour creates that momentum of pure goofy magic. It's also got a refreshing plot that feels like two complimentary chapters, Road Trippin & Aspen Antics.
I come for the jokes, I stay for the cheesy alt-rock soundtrack, and then I leave deeply satisfied knowing this will always exist as the reliable laugh-a-thon I need it to be every damn year.


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