Freddy vs. Jason

Freddy vs. Jason ★★½

Revisiting this was quite a doozy. While I remember being underwhelmed when I first saw it in theatres, I wasn't expecting it to still reek more than 15 years later. Some cheese just doesn't age well.

It took some time but thankfully I caught the wave and laughed maniacally at this trainwreck. I also got the sense that the crew was doing the same thing during every scene, as the script felt like it was written by a bunch of superfans locked in a room with their farts replacing the oxygen. I can just picture them taking a deep huff then giving us too many ideas that don't connect and as many opportunities as possible to frame Monica Keena's chest in each shot.
How did someone bring themselves to write a scene involving a character giving CPR to Jason and not wake up from that moronic trail of thought they were on? Like dude - you peaked. This is terrible creativity going 'in the red'.

Still... way better than Jason X, and manages to make me love the Friday the 13th remake that much more.

I'm now settling on Freddy vs Jason as the movie version of that awkward person that gets brought to one of your parties by a legitimately good friend. You know the type: your buddy vouches for them, clearly, but this random character immediately spills beer all over the carpet, then hits on your girlfriend, then makes 14 offensive statements completely missing the loud eye rolls from half of the room, oh and also steals a cigarette out of someone's coat pocket while no one is looking. Somehow though by the total grace of god (or magic of alcohol), they manage to make you laugh and redeem themselves just enough to not ruin your night.

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