Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo ★★★½

Australian faux-doc on a truly haunting tale, one that'll lull you into a state of bleak dread.

Alice Palmer is a teenage girl who mysteriously disappears at Lake Mungo. Days later her body is found, identified by her father, and soon after strange occurrences start to happen to her family, leaving them in a state of psychic unrest. Is Alice a ghost? Is Alice still alive? What exactly happened to Alice?

The slick execution here is undeniable, switching between beautifully shot landscapes and dead-pan talking-head interview footage, there's a commitment to realism in the presentation that deserves a lot of points.
Creepy and depressing, moving at an expectedly slow pace, however I can't say I found this all that riveting. The story unfolds with some intriguing twists, capped off by an effective ending, but overall I wasn't quite in love. No spectacles, no electricity, just a gloomy examination of a peculiar story.

Still, I'd recommend this to those who can't stand any level of camp, zaniness, or absurd edge to their horror. If you just want a serious and decently made genre flick, this does check a lot of boxes. I think my tastes are just too damn weird at this point for something like this to bowl me over.

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