Sorcerer ★★★★

So this movie had been on my radar for quite some time, one of those often hyped hidden gems from the 70's that every other friend is obsessed with.
I went into it knowing very little, for some reason expecting a dreamy rumination on the Vietnam War drenched in Tangerine Dream synths.

Turns out William Friedkin's follow up to the Exorcist is pretty far from that description. It's instead an expertly crafted thriller that takes place in South America.
It takes it's time setting up the main characters: all criminals on the run from America, Israel, and France, hiding out from imminent arrest or even death.
There's also very little music and many scenes of chaos and violence shown with an almost documentary-like realism that helps to cement this feeling of danger all around you.

When the actual conflict takes hold, the synthesizers trickle in, and for the rest of the film I screamed at the TV as I witnessed one of the most suspenseful journeys unravel before me.
This is one of those movies you watch with your mouth dropped, wondering just how the hell they captured each agonizing moment.

I don't want to spoil or overhype it but damn, what a great movie that totally surpassed my expectations. Sure I would have loved more Tangerine Dream (especially in the first hour) but there's enough chaotic atmosphere to get lost in that you'll barely miss those twinkly synth arpeggios.

With Cruising blowing me away last year and now this continuing the hot streak, Friedkin is fast becoming a director I want to dive deeper into. Probably should revisit his masterpiece the Exorcist again then check out all his other hidden gems. Feel free to recommend your other faves of his, and if you haven't seen this - watch it ASAP!

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