The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★★

Alejandro Jodorowsky's temple of mind-obliteration, a gaudy and garish quest through spiritual awakenings that titillitates you beyond the reaches of your perception. That real cosmic bullshit. I love it.

Beginning with a series of metaphors extrapolated into harsh vignettes, we see a Jesus-like figure contending with the cold realities of identity, history and politics in entirely discombobulating scenarios. Once you sprint across this didactic hell of an intro, you get to the other side where this strange figure is now scaling a massive tower to meet his fate.

Now the real quest can begin... the trip to The Holy Mountain.
First we meet the crew that will be accompanying you on this journey, spreading out Jodorowsky's ambitions even further as his painterly dust produces otherworldly satirical visions, like some barbaric epic culled from 70's slapstick and gritty sci-fi fantasy.
Once we're fully acquainted, an even rawer sense of abandon is achieved as we ascend towards nirvana through intensely disturbing imagery and rigorous soul-scraping initiations.

Have you arrived? Will you ever arrive? Impossible to catalogue these moments, ever shifting like a Rubiks Cube of a trillion pieces. Just glide through it all on that cinematic musicality, that cosmic momentum, that invitation to lock in and drop out for all eternity.
Too good to be ignored, too powerful to be dismissed, too mystical to be described, and yet here I am trying to crunch it down into text when all I'm really doing is smashing a mirror against my consciousness.

Good luck.

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