The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★★★

Always dug this one when I was growing up but was worried it wouldn't hold up.
Heck, even the first 20 minutes or so I was almost turned off by how wacky it was, really paling in comparison to the almighty first one which blew me away last time I watched it.

However... the second Chop Top appeared in that radio station,
you realize Stretch is now stuck.

And.... so... are... YOU!

After that the film goes full throttle into an abyss that is both cartoony and disturbing. Dennis Hopper on full wile-out mode, Leatherface all dopey and demented, and The Cook as the giggling old man watching the nightmare unfold.

My absolute favourite though, the one who embodies the extremities of wackiness and depravity, Chop Top. That detail of him picking away at the skin over the metal plate in his head is really damn genius.
It's an image that I remembered most from all the previous times I watched this movie and it still grossed me out all the same.

2 things that stood out to me for the first time on this viewing:
1) how deeply disturbing and upsetting the scene is where L.G. dies in front of Stretch with his face cut off
2) the bottle of Tabasco sauce on their massive dining table, I guess cannibals still need that spicy spicy!

Also shout out to that epic ending with Chop Top chasing Stretch up that desert-like tower. That last shot is incredible!

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