The Florida Project

The Florida Project ★★★★½

I love a film that changes your perspective of things and this film really does that. So the next time I’m walking around and children start hurling abuse at me I’ll stop and think, what is there home life like that they feel the need to call me a ‘specky nonce’ instead of my usual tactic of turning my music up really loud and walking quicker until I find an alleyway or a large bush to cry in.

A film set over a summer break in the Magic Castle motel just a stones throw away from Disney-world, the film follows Halley and Moonee and young mother and daughter as the scrape by living week to week under the watch of hotel manger and reluctant father figure Bobby.

Willem Defoe gives his best performance to date. Seeing him be so caring and stern is mesmerising (see the scene at the soda machine). So reserved throughout the film you really see love this man has for girls whenever you see him have to roll his sleeves up for the girls or the motel.

The rest of the cast are fantastic at making this film real which I feel is the most effective was of this film to tell the story of the project. Especially impressed with Brooklynn Price, such a strong performance for someone so young to carry a film like she did is amazing.

Desperately fighting a uphill battle the sugar colour pallet tremendous captures the kids perspective of living in the project. Their childlike minds so filled with wonder make even the most beat down places their own personal Disney-world.

*for fans of*

The Florida Project bares a lot of similarities to Honey Boy in style and setting and as a fan of Honey Boy I loved this. Followers of A24 and just general loves of a bittersweet story could really get into The Florida Project.

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