Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody

Looks like we have a new (and near-perfect) example of how bad the music biopic can be.

Hilariously so for the first hour at least, simplifying history to such a tee it becomes nearly incomprehensible, barreling through almost every biographical cliche in the book without a hint of irony (unsurprisingly what we were bound to get from the screenwriter behind Darkest Hour) and dialogue so on-the-nose you couldn't tell me this wasn't a Walk Hard sequel in disguise.

But as we delve deeper into Mercury's personal life, it just gets insultingly so. Like, fuck right off with that montage of him cultivating Another One Bites the Dust while he strolls through an gay S&M club.

Did the band hate him and his lifestyle that much? Does Singer? It'd be extremely ironic in his case considering what we know.

And that Live Aid sequence everyone talked about isn't great. Like, at all. I get the power of nostalgia, but people need to calm the fuck down. At the very least, it felt like the kind of movie it should've been and it's a damn shame it was wasted on this. The cast deserves better too.

For all the great films that came out in 2018, the Academy sing their praises for this. What a fucking joke.

(I’d give it a 1/2 for not being boring, but no Bowie or even Flash Gordon. So, nah.)

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