Burning ★★★★★

No Strings Attached: A Continuing List of Cherished Favorites

A stray cat—vanished or without existence? An egotistical aristocrat—psycho or holier-than-thou troll? A companionless writer without a story. A young wanderer running away from the past. For a few seconds, a ray of sunlight travels through the window hitting a spot on the wall, and it sits there for young Jong-su to breath in and remember. Pure fantasy and wanting—the anxiety itches against the wintry skin of Burning's protagonist, his sexual desires, jealousy, and disguised anger bouncing inside his mind. The way it's portrayed is subtle yet dangerous and somehow clear—it's thrown within an array of questions and answers and memories and fantasies, each one perhaps directionless. Things come together, and things don't. Make what you will of Burning, but there's something so mysteriously beautiful about it all. A bold, tense, and foreboding experience captured so unforgettably. There's so much to joyously unpack and discuss about it.


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