Upgrade ★★★½

The Year is 2018: Ranked and Reviewed

Doesn't exactly hit all the right notes of a high-octane action thriller that you'd wish to expect, yet does a lot to serve a sci-fi story as decent as this, most notably with its fusion of noir and action set pieces. Upgrade is quite the fun time, specifically when the camera follow its action with the upmost flair and attention to capturing the fullest of immersion. There's a ton of grit detailed in each high-tech meets American slum backdrop, something that elevates this film and its mystery to another level. Logan Marshall-Green does a terrific job as the film's lead supplying a perfect balance of humor, grief, and anger—even the way his body acts when his "upgrade" takes over inside of him is fascinating to watch; he almost moves identically like a robot. Sure, the story gets predictable by the end, but the way it handles its finale is pretty fitting.


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