Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart ★★★½

DIRECTORS SUITE: DAVID LYNCH | Surrealist's Bliss and Idiosyncrasy

David Lynch's abrasive wonderland of snakeskin jackets and runaway love; a fired up Emerald city in the pits of nocturnal flames and collision, smoking a cloud of sex, violence, and outlandish happiness. Young metal-head rock n rollers starring in an adult crazed world like no other, out in the bareback American road. Big tuna Texas and its vacant emptiness welcomes them with an open convertible and a wild stench of love.

Wild at Heart is one of the few instances of Lynch's forgetfulness when it comes to clear intention and purpose. To sort out a beginning, middle, and end is difficult, especially when the film doesn't have any clear coherent motive, other than exploring a wicked and explicit relationship between two lovers on an open road vacation of their own. Splashes of surreal nature hit the screen in puzzling doses, and development between its two leads is all monotonous, yet, nonetheless entertaining to watch. Good for the most part, however Wild at Heart seems to run out of steam within its second hour of impulsive personality.


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