Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★★

How can you create a real character in a feature film? And how do you have a movie revolve around this person? Well you make them slightly fucked up, slightly full of shit, slightly unexplainable, slightly funny. And then you just create a real world around them. And then you hope that people like to watch other people.

With Baumbach films you really have to be able to appreciate the kind of character studies that have no real resolutions and don't really have a defined PURPOSE. It's a cliche to say it but you have to like the "slice of life" type of movies. It doesn't hurt that they are always shot extremely well and have a lot of great performances.

So it doesn't really make sense why it's shot in Black and White except that Baumbach seems to be making a throwback film, at least in that sense. I think it adds some texture to the movie and really gives it an interesting look. I loved all the tracking shots of Greta Gerwig running around the streets and hallways of NYC.

It's easy to say it's smart, but I think it just feels that way because it's made with a mature person behind the scenes, making a movie about adult issues. It's never overwhelming, it's never smacking you with themes. It's very fun to watch and hits you emotionally at points.

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